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This human organ has as synonyms phallus (from the Latin phallus, and this from the ancient Greek φαλλός, transliterated phallós),[3] as well as numerous in familiar or vulgar language; practically the name of any elongated object is usually employed to refer euphemistically to it. Camilo José Cela devoted a volume of his Secret Dictionary to the various names for this organ.[4] The human penis reaches its erect state in the erect state.

The human penis reaches its erect state by filling with blood, which is why it lacks a baculum, a bone found in the penis of many mammalian species whose function is to make penetration possible in the absence of erection. Other characteristics of the human penis are that it cannot withdraw into the groin; furthermore, in proportion to body mass, it is longer than the average for the animal kingdom.

The loss of 510 genetic sequences during the evolutionary phase of the Homo lineage has resulted in the human penis lacking the «ossicle», i.e., the keratin spines that are present dorsally on the penises of many mammals, from primates to rodents.[12] The human penis has a long penis.

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Historias reales para angloparlantes que aprenden español. De los creadores de Duolingo, la aplicación de aprendizaje de idiomas más popular, llega un nuevo podcast que ofrece fascinantes historias de la vida real en un español fácil de entender con narración en inglés. No se trata de lecciones de idiomas, sino de lecciones de vida a través del lenguaje. Presentado por Martina Castro, cofundadora de Radio Ambulante de NPR.

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Aprenda español en las lecciones de la Red de Radio Lingua. En cada lección nos centraremos en el idioma que necesitas conocer y en poco tiempo te harás entender con hablantes nativos de español. Las lecciones de la primera temporada son para principiantes absolutos, y los cursos van aumentando de dificultad a medida que avanzan las temporadas. 386357 Consulte para obtener información sobre la privacidad y la exclusión voluntaria.

Aprender francés por podcast es una serie de lecciones de francés para todo el mundo. Trabaja con podcasts de audio de alta calidad en tu propio tiempo y a tu propio ritmo. ¿Quieres aclarar algún detalle? ¿Hay algo que no ha entendido bien? Entonces descargue las completas guías en PDF que dilucidan todos los puntos más finos. Aprenda francés de forma divertida.

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You can tell he was bored in his spare time around Pennsylvania City. There, Grace Gwaltney was getting ready for her bridal party at the Fairmont Hotel. That’s when Tom Hanks walked in and said (via Yahoo):Hi! I’m Tom Hanks. I’d love to take a picture with you’ and I immediately froze and started looking around. I didn’t know what to do. Gwaltney says that, after the initial shock, it didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the actor’s presence, so much so that she skipped the custom of seeing the groom before the wedding.

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You see him, then he starts talking to you and says, ‘You look beautiful. I’m so happy for you. He was talking in my ear.» «We had a moment before the ceremony (with her husband), we prayed and held hands and went back to back so we didn’t see each other. Then I said, «Luke, I just met Tom Hanks. I had to tell him. «Also having her night as a star photographer was Rachel Rowland, who was in charge of photographing the event. I’m sure it will be her big work anecdote.The bridesmaids came out of the limo, he posed with photos and congratulated everyone, and then, as quickly as he appeared, he was gone.It was so sweet and fun!


Today better than ever we know how difficult it is to be confined. We know that isolation leads to derangement and voids feel deeper. Tempers fray from boredom and masks fall to reveal our true nature. We type the same sentence over and over again on our computer, we see ghosts in the rooms and our urge to kill increases. A ball appears rolling across the carpet and your child writes strange words on doors. If you’ve been lucky enough not to spend these months in a haunted house, you’ve probably been spared all this and are now still in the amoeba phase on the couch. But the protagonists of The Shining, that Torrance family whose ruin was an inv/fernal snowfall, lived one of the most iconic lock-ins in the history of cinema. And also one of the most enigmatic.

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